Developing a positive teacher-student relationship


Gain the confidence of the students

Students should be able to confide in their teachers without being paranoid after the act.

A teacher must be seen as trustworthy; that will make students more comfortable when communicating with the teacher. They should see the teacher as confidant, as well as someone who will take care of their emotional needs. This can also encourage teacher-student interaction and participation during classes.

Listen to your pupils

Many times our students want to speak to us and we shut them out. This can have negative implications.

More positive interaction with students will create a sense of belonging. For instance, I’ve noticed that when I stop to interact with my students, in almost no time at all, I am surrounded by a number of them who just want to share their thoughts. Sometimes you can actually see the joy on their faces just to know that you actually stopped to listen to them.

This is one of the best ways to develop a better relationship with students, just give a listening ear.

Affirm/praise the efforts of your students

This helps to build self-esteem and gives the student a sense of worth. Some teachers like to tell the students that they are not good enough to do a particular task and that is one of the most disheartening things you could do to a child. The student will respect the teachers for their praise and admiration and will even work harder next time.

Treat your students as a part of a team

If students realise that the teacher is using a collaborative approach, this will encourage more class participation that will, in turn, foster team spirit and good relationship between both the teacher and fellow classmates. Teachers should always have the ‘human touch’ in order to give the student a sense of ease.

Show students that they are respected and valued

Allow them to feel that you value their input in whatever you are doing. Encourage them to be respectful by showing them respect. Communicate high expectation to them and help them to maintain such standards by being there to help whenever the need arises. This has to be done in an atmosphere of love and care, especially in young children. Mutual respect must be supported at all times.


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